Hassell Free Tile & Window offers a wide array of Marble, Quartz and Granite.  Our staff can assist you in selecting the right product for your home design. We work with several well known vendors that offer a large selection of each of these beautiful materials and we are sure you can find the right material for your home at Hassell Free.

Granite, Quartz and Marble are all solid  surfaces, but offer different properties. Quartz and Granite are heat and scratch resistant, come in a wide range of colors, are stain and chemical resistant and are low maintenance.

Marble is a naturally occurring material and comes in a large variety of colors with a combination of vein colors. Colors range from white, light beige, beige, yellow/gold, red, gray/silver, light brown, brown, and black. Veining and color textures caused by other mineral deposits appear as defined or diffused veins, diffused color, granular texture, streaks, crackle or a combination of any of these.

 Regardless of which product you choose for your home, we know you’ll enjoy its beauty for years to come.

To learn more please email us at info@hassellfree.com