patio windows

Hassell Free is proud to offer PGT® Eze-Breeze® enclosures.  These beautiful patio windows will bring the outside inside your home.  If you love the outside but you don’t want to deal with the heat and all those bugs, these patio windows are for you!  Durable and easy to maintain, PGT® Eze-Breeze® enclosures will add value to any home.

Super Easy to Clean

PGT® Eze-Breeze® enclosures are very easy to clean both on the inside and out.  Simply wash the outside of these patio windows with a water hose, and you will be good to go.  The inside is also easy to clean giving you more time to do the things you love.

Add Some Natural Light

By adding these patio windows to your home, you will bring in natural light.  We all know that natural light has its benefits including improved health and wellbeing.  So if you are looking to bring your patio to life this year, why not install a PGT® Eze-Breeze® enclosure?  Bringing a little bit of the outside in is a great way to spruce up your home and add value at the same time.

Energy Efficient

PGT® Eze-Breeze® enclosures are built to last and are very energy efficient.  These patio windows will reduce the amount of electricity you use and keep your comfortable at the same time.  Because these windows bring in so much natural light during the day, you don’t have to turn on your lights.  Just imagine having rays of beautiful sunshine entering your home filling it with natural warmth.

Perfect for Many Applications Including Patio Windows

These windows are not only great for the patio, but they can be used for other applications too.  Home gyms, hobby rooms, and playrooms can be brightened up by this beautiful windows.  So if you have a special room in your home that you would like to modify, why not add some of these windows?  Our sales team will help guide you through the buying process.  We also offer professional installation referrals to get the process moving.  So if you need patio windows, why not come by and see us or give us a call today?

PGT® Eze-Breeze® Available At Hassell Free

Hassell Free offers PGT® Eze-Breeze® enclosures that are designed to make outdoor spaces more utilized places. Custom made-to-order components allow you to have fun designing an outdoor space that’s just right for you and your family. Click the below PDF to view the Full

Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosures

Your porch, patio, deck, gazebo, or pool are there for relaxation and outdoor enjoyment. So why cheat yourself out of this touch of the tropics? Eze-Breeze is a big improvement over screens and an even bigger improvement over the open air. Click the below PDF to view the Porch Enclosure

Eze-Breeze Garage Door Enclosures

Garages. They’re not just for cars anymore! Turn them into gyms, hobby rooms, playrooms and more. Click the below PDF to view the Garage Door Enclosure

Eze-Breeze Cabana Door

The PGT Cabana Door is the ideal companion to our Eze-Breeze products. The design is sleek and modern with an innovative.

Here is a Sample Collection of PGT Eze-Breeze Products.