Hassell Free's Quality Supplies Are Part of Our Commitment to Being "Your Building Block!"

In addition to our tile and window selection, Hassell Free Tile & Window also offers building supplies such as doors, cabinets, lighting and decking. Our team of professional buyers work with our network of both local and national suppliers to obtain the highest quality products for our customers.

For more information please email us at sales@hassellfree.com


  • Tile Products

Hassell Free offers a wide range of tile products.  Take a moment to peak through our selection.

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  • Window Products

Hassell Free has some of the most popular window products on the market.  Before you buy, check out our selection.

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  • Door Products

Hassell Free has a fabulous line of all your doors needs.  Take a moment to check out our products and call today.

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  • Cabinets

Hassell Free is proud to offer multiple lines of cabinets.  Check out some great ideas and call today.

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  • LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting systems are now available at Hassell Free.  Bulbs, panels and even mobile lighting control, place your order today.

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  • Decking Materials

What a delight to offer Flex Deck decking materials! Take a moment to watch a great video on these fabulous products.

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