Hassell Free's Quality Supplies Are Part of Our Commitment to Being "Your Building Block!"

Construction projects need a multitude of supplies from the plumbing to the roofing. Please note, the below products are just a sample of what we are able to provide. Hassell Free can offer construction supply any material you need for your project. If what you need is not listed, have no worries, we will procure your materials to the exact specifications you need.

Hassell Free works hard to bring our customers everything we can to create the perfect project.  Our sole mission is making sure the materials are available and easy to send wherever they need to be sent.  Our staff works hard to ensure that we are providing popular, efficient and effective products to our customers.  Take a moment to look through our products and contact our team today for any further information.

Working Hard to be “Your Building Block.


  • Tile Products

Hassell Free offers a wide range of tile products.  Take a moment to peak through our selection.

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  • Window Products

Hassell Free has some of the most popular window products on the market.  Before you buy, check out our selection.

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  • Door Products

Hassell Free has a fabulous line of all your doors needs.  Take a moment to check out our products and call today.

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  • Metal Roofing

Hassell Free is a proud supplier of metal, clay and ceramic roofing systems.  Check out our collection and catalogues.

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  • Cabinets

Hassell Free is proud to offer multiple lines of cabinets.  Check out some great ideas and call today.

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  • Railings

Hassell Free is proud to offer some amazing railings from Color Guard Railing Systems. Take a peak now.

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  • Lumber

Do you need lumber for your project?  Hassell Free has you covered.  Give us a call today for further information.

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  • LED Lighting Products

LED Lighting systems are now available at Hassell Free.  Bulbs, panels and even mobile lighting control, place your order today.

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  • Decking Materials

What a delight to offer Flex Deck decking materials! Take a moment to watch a great video on these fabulous products.

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Hassell Free Tile and Window of The Treasure Coast offers a huge selection of construction supply.  We offer our customers a wide-range of products including tile, windows, and plumbing, roofing supplies.  Each of the construction supply product that we supply our customers are of high-quality.  We hold our suppliers to the highest standards so that our customers only get the best possible products available.  While our name might have Tile and Windows in the name we are more than just providers of those building products.

We Work Many Different Suppliers

When it comes to construction supplies we have you covered.  Our team of professional buyers work hand-in-hand with construction supply companies to meet your needs.  We work with both local suppliers and national suppliers to find the products you are looking for.  No matter what building materials needs are we have you covered.  Even hard to find products are no match for our buyers.  If there is a special product that you do not see on your website simple send us a message.  We can source just about any product that you desire and help you find the best possible price.  We have many different connections in the construction supply industry that helps us find projects for our customers.

Construction Supply for The Entire Job

We work hard to supply your construction project with all the necessary products.  Our construction supply team will help you purchase everything you need to complete the entire job.  By buying in bulk and storing the building materials at our warehouse you will save money.  This hands-on approach to buying and storing is our way of helping your project get off the ground hassle free. We want to make the materials buying process as easy as possible for our customers so we do all the leg work for them.  From negotiating prices to finding hard to locate materials we do it all.  So if you need building supplies for your next project why not let us help you find them? We are dedicated to finding the best products on the market so that you don’t have to worry.

Not seeing what you need? 

No problem! Hassell Free can get any type of building supplies you may need. Fill out the form to the right and let us know what you are looking for.  Thank you for stopping by!

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